Getting started with Tent

Welcome to Tent! This guide will help you get your community up and running in minutes.

It doesn't cover everything you can do, so we recommend you have a look our other guides and docs once you've got started.

Create your Tent organisation

You'll need to register for a Tent organisation using our registration link. This gives you a 14 day free trial and no payment information is required.

If you previously created a Tent organisation or been invited to another organisation you'll need to use a different email address. We're working on support for multiple organisations under the same email.

Customise your branding

With Tent you can customise everything from the name of the platform to the logo and colour scheme. Your customisation will apply across the platform and even in the emails users are sent, allowing you to provide a completely branded experience for your users.

To starting making Tent your own, click on Platform setup on the main menu and go to the Appearance tab.

You can start by changing what various things are called on the platform.


Next set your logo and brand colour.


Add a group

Groups are how you organise your Tent platform and users. You can create as many groups as you need and each user can be a member of multiple groups. You can use groups to:

  • Organise Discussions and provide separate forums
  • Control which Resources users have access to
  • Advertise Events to specific users only
  • Grant permissions to particular users (e.g. let them add Resources or moderate Discussions)

Add your first group by going to Manage users > Groups and pressing Create new group.


We generally recommend having one group that all users are part of by default (e.g. an 'All Volunteers' group), so this could be a good place to start. You can then additional more targeted groups.

Your user will not be able to be added to any Groups because you are an Administrator. In Tent Administrators see all content and have all permissions, effectively bypassing Groups. As a result, we advise that you carefully limit how many Administrators you have.

Invite a user

Next, add a user with the Invite new user button under Manage users > Users.

Make this user a Member (not an Administrator) so that you can see what the platform looks like from their perspective. Use a different email address that you have access to or ask a colleague to help.


Once you press Invite they will receive an email - branded, of course - containing a link where they will set a name and password for the platform before gaining immediate access.

Develop your community platform

What you do next depends on how you want your platform to develop.

You could:

  • Create an online library of helpful Resources for your users (guide coming soon)
  • Get Discussions going (guide coming soon)
  • Schedule your first Event and invite users to it (guide coming soon)

Want to ask a question or need support? Get in touch and we'll get back to you right away.