Zapier: connect Tent with 3,000+ apps

Integration via Zapier is a Tent Pro feature. You can upgrade your subscription at any time in the platform under Platform setup > Billing or by contacting us.
Our Zapier app is currently Private. This means that it does not appear publicly inside Zapier or in the Zap directory. To get access, contact us and we'll send you an invite link. With this the app becomes visible inside Zapier and has all the same functionality as a public app. We will publish our app publicly when we reach the user volume required by Zapier.

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that allows you to connect Tent with 3,000+ other apps, all without needing to write any code.

This allows you to connect Tent with apps including:

You will need to have a Tent Pro subscription and a subscription to Zapier to get started.


To connect Zapier to Tent you need to generate an API key from Platform setup > Integrations.

For security, you will only be able to copy this key once so make you store it somewhere securely.

Enter this API key when prompted by Zapier as part of creating any Zap that connects to Tent.


Triggers & actions

If you are not familiar with how Zapier works we recommend you read their Quickstart Guide. This explains the concepts of Triggers and Actions which are the building blocks of any integration.

Every Zapier integration has a specific set of Triggers and Actions available.

For Tent we currently support the following.


Triggers are events that can start a Zap.

✅ Record Created (record types available: User, Event, Event Attendance)

✅ Record Updated (records types available: User, Event, Event Attendance)

We use webhooks to ensure that our Zapier triggers fire instantly. See here for details.


Actions are tasks that a Zap can do.

✅ Search Record (record types available: Group)

✅ Create Record (record types available: User, Group Membership, Event [known limitations])

✅ Update Record (record types available: User)

✅ Delete Record (record types available: Group Membership)

Each Action that is completed in a Zap consumes a Task, and your pricing plan will have limit on the number of Tasks per month. See here for further details from Zapier.


Coming soon.

Want to ask a question or need support? Get in touch and we'll get back to you right away.