Platform Setup

Platform Setup contains all of the options you need to configure Tent to the requirements of your community.


Toggle Features


Use Toggle Features to control which Tent features are available to your community members. Members will only see a menu item on the sidebar for those features that are switched on. All features are always visible to admins, but a yellow banner at the top of the page will tell them when the feature they’re on is currently switched off.

Toggling off a feature will only change the visibility to members. Its content will always be preserved. For example, if you switch discussions off then all your discussion threads will be maintained. Equally, admins can create content when a feature is switched off. This way you can make sure that there is content available as soon as it is enabled for members.

To switch a feature on or off, simply click the Toggle slider. Toggling a feature applies to the whole platform (i.e. all members and groups).

Open Groups

Toggle Features also allows you to switch Open Groups on and off. Open Groups are groups which members can choose to join (as opposed to normal groups, which are set for them by admins or by the integration if the organisation has one). They are visible under Community > Groups.


The appearance section allows you to customise the look and feel of the platform in minutes so that it is branded to look like your organisation.


Change the organisation name, the URL name, the platform name and platform description to make the platform your own.

Please be aware that it is highly inadvisable to change the platform URL once your community is active. Doing so will break any old links that members may have (e.g. a bookmark to the site), as they will no longer refer to the correct URL.

Homepage Welcome Message

You can use a Homepage Welcome Message if you’d like to have a banner displaying to all members (but not to admins) when they land on the homepage.

Example Homepage Welcome Messages:

  • Happy New Year to all our volunteers!
  • A reminder to complete our annual student survey. Your feedback is really important to us.
  • Don’t forget to sign up to our January volunteer meet-up!

If left blank no welcome message will be displayed.

Member Support

Contact Email

The contact email is the email address that member queries submitted by the pop-out support button (accessed by clicking the floating icon on the bottom right of the page) will go to. If you’d like these emails to go to multiple people then we advise using an email address which is a group.

When admins click the pop-out support button their queries will be directed to the Tent team.

Customise Contact Support

When members click on the support button (the floating icon in the bottom right of the page), a pop-out will appear for them to submit their query. There is default text on this pop-out, but if you wish to customise the text then you can do so by sliding the toggle on.

When switched on, a textbox will appear in which you can input your own custom text. This can be enriched with emojis, rich text and hyperlinks if you choose. If you toggle the custom support text off at any point, it will revert to the default. If you turn it back on again it will remember the last custom text you set (if any).


Change the visuals of the Tent platform so that it is branded to your organisation. Make sure that you:

  • Upload an image with a transparent background. On mobile, the logo will sometimes be on a light grey background so it looks better if there isn’t a white box on top of this.
  • Crop excess white space out of the logo. There is sufficient padding built into Tent, so if you upload an image with its own padding then this will simply shrink the logo to a less optimal size.
  • Check the example buttons before saving your Accent Colour. The text should be easily visible on all three examples


Event Tags

If you wish to use event tagging, these first need to be configured:

  1. Go to ‘Platform Setup
  2. Select ‘Configuration
  3. You can see any existing tags that have been created under ‘event tags’. If you wish to add, remove or edit a tag click ‘edit’
  4. Press ‘add tag’ to add a new tag, or the ‘remove’ button next to a tag to delete it. You can also rename tags by changing the text in each box.
  5. Once you’ve added / removed a tag under Platform Setup, it will now be available for / removed from use when you create or edit an event.

The event tag filter available to users reflects the tags as they are saved under Platform Setup. However, please be aware that deleting or modifying a tag under Platform Setup does not remove it or edit it on any of the events to which it has already been applied. If you wish to do this, you will need to remove it on the individual event(s).

Please see the Event Tagging section for guidance and tips on using event tags.


The billing section displays your tier and billing frequency, and the cost of this.

You cannot change this within the platform. If you wish to discuss or change this, please email us on hello@tentplatorm.com


The integrations section allows you to view and manage the integrations you have with other platforms. This is only applicable to customers on the Pro tier.

For more information on integration your Tent community with other platforms, please see our guidance on using Zapier.

Tent provides some integration support for Pro customers, included within the price of your subscription. This should be sufficient for getting you started, but we are also able to provide support for additional needs at a cost of £400/day. If you would like to speak to us about this, please email us on hello@tentplatform.com